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Retreat Cacao

Our beautiful cacao is sourced from the Retreat Cacao who provide us with blessed cacao from small peruvian farms.

A large percentage of the profits from our cacao sales goes back in to the community to support sustainable farming so it’s also an opportunity to create and spread the LOVE across the world.

We are conscious of ensuring our cacao comes from the right place and that the cacao farms are fully supported and sustainable.


Cacao Benefits

Cacao is known as one of the worlds best superfoods so can support you in many areas of your life

• reduces tiredness and fatigue 
• is a natural antidepressant 
• lowers blood pressure 
• contains 23% of natural proteins 
• is 33% fibre which promotes a healthy gut 
• contains flavonoids which promotes a healthy brain
• is a natural antioxidant 
• it’s beneficial natural compounds, including serotonin create a ‘feel good’ euphoria 
• is the highest plant based source of iron
• contains more calcium than cows milk 

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