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Our beautiful cacao is sourced from small peruvian farms.

A large percentage of the profits from our cacao sales goes back in to the community to support sustainable farming so it’s also an opportunity to create and spread the LOVE across the world.

We are conscious of ensuring our cacao comes from the right place and that the cacao farms are fully supported and sustainable.


Cacao Benefits

Cacao is known as one of the worlds best superfoods so can support you in many areas of your life

• reduces tiredness and fatigue 
• is a natural antidepre
• lowers blood pressure 
• contains 23% of natural proteins 
• is 33% fibre which promotes a healthy gut 
• contains flavonoids which promotes a healthy brain
• is a natural antioxidant 
• it’s beneficial natural compounds, including serotonin create a ‘feel good’ euphoria 
• is the highest plant based source of iron
• contains more calcium than cows milk



What is Cacao?

All our cacao is 100% raw, pure cacao.
Nothing added, nothing taken away.

Cacao is a powerful medicinal superfood plant, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and flavonoids that heal, protect and supercharge your mind body and soul. 

Our Cacao paste is crafted from the finest Peruvian Criollo bean, ethically sourced and grown sustainably in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. The best chocolate in the world is made from Peruvian Criollo Cacao beans. 

It's full of fibre and protein, which support digestion and build muscle, respectively, booming with antioxidants, trace minerals like potassium and magnesium, which support neurological and metabolic function.

Cacao has one of the highest planet based sources of Magnesium, that our brain needs to function well. 

What makes our cacao, ceremonial grade?

Our cacao is crafted from the finest Peruvian Criollo bean, ethically sourced and grown sustainably in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. The difference between ceremonial grade cacao and normal cacao is that our cacao has been minimally processed, organically grown and harvested in small batches. We like to think that our cacao has a sole intention of being used in ceremonies only. Whether that be personal ceremonies or group ceremonies. 

Does the cacao contain cacao butter?

Yes. All of the naturally-occurring cacao butter in our cacao beans is present in our Ceremonial Grade Cacao Paste. Our Cacao has nothing added and nothing taken away. Our whole, hand-toasted and hand-peeled cacao beans are ground into a 100% pure paste

Does cacao contain caffeine and will it keep me awake at night?

Ceremonial grade cacao is very low in caffeine, a small fraction of that found in a cup of coffee. Cacao contains a sister chemical compound called theobromine, which is also a naturally occurring stimulant, but one that creates greater mental focus and creativity, without the jittery after effects of caffeine. The experience of each person is different when consuming our cacao in the evening. If you find yourself awake past your normal bedtime, consider using this alert focused time to do some deeper inner work and creative processing of whatever emotions or inspiration arises for you.

Is your cacao certified organic & fairtrade?

Our Cacao is not "certified" organic or fair trade by any third parties. Although our personal beliefs is that we are organic, raw and fairtrade in that we support our farmers and that the cacao we bring to you is ethically sourced. It has been grown sustainabily in the heart of the amazon.

Is cacao safe for pets?

*Warning!! Please keep Cacao safely out of reach of all pets, as many animals can not properly metabolize theobromine which may result in severe illness or death*

What is the best place to store cacao?

Your cacao should be stored in a cool, dry area. I like to keep mine in a glass container but it can also be stored in the brown bags you purchase it in and popped in your kitchen cupboard for safe keeping, just like your tea or coffee.


What is a cacao ceremony?

Cacao Ceremony is a widely used term that generally refers to the use of cacao in a respectful way, usually with the intention of personal growth. At Healing Hikes, we have went under training and learning from shamanic practices, healers and cacao facilitators / practitioners who understand the importance that ceremonial grade cacao plays in the shifting of consciousness happening right now around our planet. 

Ceremonies of many kinds are a traditional and intrinsic part of every culture on earth. From birth, death, initiations and weddings there are ceremonies performed for many reasons in our world today. Particularly in more ancient times there was a greater understanding of the need for sacred ceremonies in every community. These sacred ceremonies are generally a place for people to connect with others in their community. 

Using cacao as a plant medicine facilitator in this process helps to promote self-love, kindness, compassion, patience and understanding within the group that takes part in these gatherings. These types of events, gatherings and ceremonies help create a more heart-centered and cohesive society for all to enjoy. 

How much cacao is considered a ceremonial dose?

This is a question only you and your body can answer. I believe and encourage body autonomy and you deciding what you choose to consume. From our own personal experience, 30g is the perfect ceremonial dose. Remember no one knows your body better than you so it is up to you to decide. We do reccomend a ceremonial dose is taken on an empty stomach.

What might I experience in a cacao ceremony

Everyone is different so it could be that you have the most profound experience and receive guidance. Or you may feel an overwhelming sense of peace & calm. The power of intention is key in your cacao practices. Take a moment when making your cacao or holding your cacao to speak your intention in to the beautiful medicine and then let it guide you to where you need to go.

Most people report some or all of the following:

  • A sustained boost of energy, and mental focus lasting several hours, without the inevitable crash associated with other stimulating beverages / foods.

  • An increased heart rate and greater awareness of one’s heart center or heart chakra.

  • Greater ease of identifying self-created limitations and emotional blockages.

  • Deepening and enhancement of spiritual and creative practices such as yoga, meditation, writing, dance, music, etc.

Is cacao a psychedelic medicine?

Our ceremonial grade cacao is NOT a psychedelic substance; however, it is referred to as an entheogen. This means that it belongs to a group of plants which, when consumed in particular doses, may cause one to become inspired or to experience feelings of inspiration, as is the meaning of "entheogen" - full of God, full of Spirit. The taxonomic name of the cacao tree is Theobroma Cacao, literally translating to "Food of the Gods."

100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao is a powerful plant medicine, but it works with your body in a subtle physical and energetic way. Our cacao is not here to alter your mind but rather guide you on a deeper connection with self. Cacao is a heart opener, so allow it to support you on your healing journey.

From personal experience, my walks in nature have intensified whilst being on cacao. the magic of the woods, the connection to wildlife and the ability to see things from a birds eye view.

Note: Cacao is sometimes confused with Coca, the medicinal leaf of a south American tree best known as being used to produce the drug cocaine. These two plants are not related in any way and cacao is a completely legal plant medicine.

What or who is the cacao spirit?

The spirit of cacao can look differnet to everyone, my experience came from a connection whilst in Mexico and the powerful goddess, IxCacao.

Through our cacao ceremonies, we call in the beautiful goddess of IxCacao who was in the mayan tribes and brought the attention to cacao and its ability to create love, joy and abundance.

IxCacao featured in the creation myths of the Mayans, as she introduced agriculture to the people and helped bring in the birth of the Sacred Twins. In the beginning of her time, she was an earth goddess in a matriarchal society where tending the crops was woman’s work. 

The story of Ixcacao and the wisdom it holds, is a timely reminder to us all. It is is an important reminder that the modern day production driven, hustle and bustle that feeds commercialism and our ‘want’ over ‘need’ mentality and greed based buying and selling habits are not in alignment with with the progression of our society as a whole.

The beautiful and humble Goddess of Chocolate is here to remind us that abundance exists all around us. It is before each and every one of us. If only we take the time to be still, to connect in deeply all that we have and to celebrate all that gives us pleasure. It is then that true luxury is waiting for us all.


Cacao is a bitter: 

100% pure cacao is bitter.  As with any bitter, too much can make you nauseous.  Most drink less than 2 to 3 ounces (57 to 85 grams) of cacao a day.  Over time, as your body attunes to the cacao, you may find that you need less cacao to feel the full effect.  Less can be more.  Pay attention to what your body is telling you.


Depending on dosage, SSRI antidepressants and anti-psychotics are not compatible with the MAOI's (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors) in cacao. Low to average doses should be ok, people on higher doses should drink less cacao.  Check with your doctor. This is all down to personal preference.

At Healing Hikes, we are not medical professionals so would always reccommend you checking before consuming any form of plant medicine that may effect your current medication.

Although we do encourage to explore cacao and its natural forms of anti depressants that could support you in coming away from mainstream medication.

Heart Rate:

Our cacao will raise your heart rate slightly.  If an increase in your heart rate could cause a medical problem, drink less. Check with your doctor.

Blood Pressure:

Many folks with low blood pressure tell Keith that our cacao (low-caffeine) stabilizes their heart and helps them. Check with your doctor.

Other substances with your cacao:

Our cacao increases blood flow to the brain by 30-40%… so any other substances in your blood will be amplified.


The caffeine content of cacao varies widely among cacao varieties and cacao makers. We encourage you to test this for yourself whilst also knowing your bodies limits and how sensitive it may be to caffeine.

Pregnant and nursing women:

Most babies, in or out of the womb, do really well with mom consuming our cacao, and we know of many awesome 'cacao children'.  About 1oz (28gm) in the first 2 trimesters, about 2/3oz (20gm) dose in the last trimester. There are a few fetuses and breast-fed babies that do not like cacao... it is not a problem, but they will let you know so start easy and find what is right for you.  We recommend 2/3oz (20gm) while breast feeding until it is clear how the infant reacts. 


Use less than an adult dose, according to the child’s body weight.  It depends on the child.  They will let you know.  Children who have had an appropriate amount of cacao are more focused.


Real cacao contains compounds that can kill dogs, cats, parrots, and horses.  Do not let them eat it and be careful when you have it around them.

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Disclaimer: Cacao is a natural form of anti-depressant, those who are currently taking any form of medication which contains MAOIs and some SSRIs should speak to a medical professional before consuming Cacao.

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