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Hi, I'm Tash,

An empowered healer who is here to support you on your journey of

Un-becoming all that is no longer serving you.

Trained in Neuro Linguistics, Energy healing, Love, Narcissism and Relationships as well as the power of Cacao & plant medicine in your healing.

As I remind all who I cross paths with, we are all made of SO much LOVE, yet sometimes we can lose our way in becoming who we think we are meant to be, rather than who we are put on this earth to be.

Welcome to

my world.

A world where everyone is welcome.

Where we can come together to heal as a collective.

Unbecoming has been designed to support and guide you in to discovering who you really are.

Who you are on a soul level.


And letting go of all the parts of you that do not belong.


Through all of the work that I do, from 1:1 Coaching, holding ceremonies or Healing Hikes events.


The one thing that I hold dear, is to bring people in to a space where they finally feel seen and heard.


A place where they feel that they can be their true selves.


All so that you can feel empowered.

Empowered enough to step in to your power, to shine your light without fear and to become the person you have always meant to be.

From the day you were born, you have purpose, you have love in your heart and you have the ability to go in to situations with no fear.

And then something happens, society, parenting, school, college, university, jobs & relationships all get in the way.

They start to mould us in to someone else.

We become defined by how others see us, not by how we see ourselves.

We become defined by how others treat us, not by how we want to treat ourselves.

Unbecoming with Tash is here to break down all that you thought you knew, to help you discover who you are on a soul level.

You are not defined by that break up your going through, that friendship that ended unexpectadly or how your parents treat you. 

YOU get to define YOU.

You get to define your boundaries, values and who you choose to become.

Through my spiritual practices I support you in Unbecoming all that you thought you were,

to become the person you have always meant to be.


Do you feel like you have spent your life struggling to fit in or searching for home?

I am here to help you find the place you have always been looking for.

To realise that home is within you.

My coaching programs are designed to bring you back home to yourself.

To celebrate your unique individuality.

What would your life look like if you could let go of the past?

If you were to really think about it, is your past holding you back?

Do you feel like you are carrying old wounds in to new relationships?

Do you feel like you have self sabotaging behaviours that are stopping you from getting all that you desire? 

Now is the time to invest in yourself. To stop letting your past control you.

Finally say YES to feeling empowered and be supported on your journey to

becoming your true self.

Using NLP techniques, inner child healing, spiritual teaching and energy healing.

We work together to heal, grow and develop and let go of what is not yours too carry.


Unbecoming is here to guide you on the path to find your true authentic self. 

To reconnect with your soul.

I support you in reconnecting with your soul and understanding why you are here and all that has lead you to this point.

Within my healing I bring in card reading, spiritual guidance and my passion for understanding both Numerology & Human Design to gift you with so much wisdom so you can understand the path you have been on and the new one you are about to walk down.

To find out more, you can book in a free 15 minute chat with me to discuss in more detail.



Un - becoming is something I think I have been unconsciously doing for the past few years now, but it's taken me a while to realise this.

In order for me to become the person I am today, I had to allow myself to strip away all that was no longer serving me.

I had to un-become all that I thought I was, letting go of habits, people & relationships that weren't feeding my soul.

In order for me to do this, I have had to go to the deepest parts of myself to heal. 

And the reason why I do that is so I can support more you on your journey to discovering who you are. 

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